Inner Alchemy Workshops

Inner Alchemy Workshops

Level I Workshops

We recommend everyone begin with the Level I Core Study videos.  In Level I Core you learn how to make a body mind connection that can support you to successfully  practice and benefit from the QiGong exercises, visualizations and meditations that make up the entire Taoist Internal Alchemy system.  You learn how to “cultivate chi.” Chi cultivation is increasing, circulating and harmonizing your vital life force energy.  Your entire internal alchemical practice is founded on this ability to cultivate your life force energy.

You will learn how to experience a new inner dimension of your body.  Level I Core practices help you make the connections to your organs, energy centers and internal energy pathways (meridians) that are used in all the internal Alchemical formulas.  You will learn how to connect with self-love and “good feelings” through use of your Inner Smile and traditional Taoist Healing Sounds.  You learn how to open the first 2 internal meridian channels that serve as the foundation for energy cultivation in all subsequent practices. In Level I Core  the support for intermediate practices which require working with emotional energy and the MicroCosmic Orbit are taught.

Cosmic Inner Smile

Cosmic Inner Smile starts you on the path of the Internal Alchemy System. Experience profound benefits that energize your life by creating basic and powerful connections within you, opening up communication between your brain, eyes and organs.

Cosmic Healing Sounds

In this workshop you will open up communication with your organs, using healing sounds and intention to bring increased focus and inner peace.

Awaken Healing Light

After you cleanse your organs of negative emotions and restore emotional harmony using Cosmic Inner Smile and Cosmic Healing Sounds, you are ready to discover and open energetic channels making up the “MicroCosmic Orbit”.

Guided Sitting Meditation

An energy-enhancing half-hour meditation, here you will learn how to circulate your Qi (Chi) through the Microcosmic Orbit, up your spine and down the front of your body.

Complimentary Study Workshops for Level I Core are included. These practices help support the foundation of what you are learning through Level I practice.

Wisdom Qigong

Wisdom Qigong is essential for you to develop a clear understanding of the core practices of Taoist Internal Alchemy. This workshop expands your knowledge of your energy pathways and how they function.

Qi (Chi) Self-Massage

Increase your flexibility and circulation through self-massage and stretching techniques. These techniques teach you how to loosen, detoxify, and rejuvenate your body.

Morning Qigong
Taoist Basic Training

Level II Workshops

Level II Core Study teaches you how to increase the strength and energy holding capacity of your body.  You learn how to absorb and discharge energy into and through your body using “rooting” (structural alignment with gravity and merging with earth energy) and “immovable force” (relaxed, effortless power that transfers external pressure through the integrated structure of your body into the earth).  You learn how to transfer sexual energy into a stored reservoir of vitality for healing, loving relations and daily activities of personal and professional life. This increase in vital life force energy and the creation of new options and posture for becoming master of your life is an essential foundation for the spiritual development applications of the Level III Workshops.

Complimentary Study Workshops for Level II Core are included. These practices help support the foundation of what you are learning through Level II practice.

Core Study Level III

Advanced Core teaches you how to continue opening internal energy pathways that complete the core subtle energy body anatomy.  These open energy pathways serve as a collection reservoir in your body to store increased energies.  You then form a pearl of concentrated essence energy fused together from the process of clearing the negative emotional energy of the organs.  This energy of your “essence” is the vital element in the next level practice called Kan and Li where it is used to awaken your “spirit” body in the subtle energy plane.  When the spirit body is awakened (given birth to) then one becomes aware of thier own personal destiny.  The next levels address connecting with higher cosmic consciousness in the Universe.

Core Study Healing

Taoist Rejuvenation practices date back 5000 years to the Yellow Emperor’s classic text on internal medicine. Master Chia shows you how to use your internal concentration, along with gentle external stimulation, to activate healing energy (Qi) in whatever area of your body you are working on.
Chinese Medicine traces the origin of all imbalances back to the energetic and physical state of your organs.

Complimentary Study Workshops for Healing Core are included. These practices help support the foundation of what you are learning through Healing practice.