About UniversalTao.TV

About UniversalTao.TV

…it all began when a teacher told his wish to the student.

The teacher, a Taoist Hermit, named White Cloud, was the Grandmaster of the lineage of China’s most precious and closely held secret teachings of the Taoist Supreme Inner Alchemy Qigong.

The student was a young Tao Master, Mantak Chia, filled with honor, respect and gratitude for finally finding the teacher he had been searching for.

The wish of the teacher…

White Cloud’s wish was that everyone in the world would have this knowledge and be able to open their own energy channels to develop their physical, mental and spiritual potentials to their greatest capabilities.

The young Tao Master, Mantak Chia, took his teacher’s wish to heart and made it his own, dedicating his life toward fulfilling this wish.  Blending pure intention, ‘the wish’, and the power of a Tao Master, Mantak Chia began a career which to date has made significant accomplishments:

  • Simplified yet preserved the Taoist Inner Alchemy teachings in the traditional sense and created thousands of graphical illustrations to convey the essential concepts.
  • Published over 60 books which have been translated into every major language.
  • Traversed the globe twice a year for two months each time teaching five day workshops in major cities on almost every continent for over thirty years.
  • Built a world class teaching center and Five Star resort called Tao Garden, in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where he teaches five day workshops four months a year.
  • Certified over 1,500 instructors to carry on the teaching of the Universal Healing Tao system.
  • Named the World Qigong Master of the Year.
  • Ranked number 18 out of 100 of the most spiritually influential living teachers.

And now, we are announcing Grandmaster Chia’s most far reaching accomplishment to date, the online learning center, UniversalTao.TV, that preserves these 5,000 year old, traditionally taught oral teachings in 8 languages and makes them available on 1.6 billion computers, including laptops, tablets and smartphones.