Healing Love

The ‘Healing Love’ practice helps to harmonize and strengthen your relations with others. However, its primary goal is to bring vitality to your life and create a deeper connection with yourself! Use your sexual energy to strengthen your body, deepen your spiritual awareness, and experience a new level of sensual pleasure. 

Inner Alchemy Sexual Practice

Inner Alchemy Sexual Practice guides you through traditional Qigong exercises that form the basis for directing arousal energy through your body and up to your brain. Expand your understanding of sexual energy cultivation through detailed theory and anatomy, combining Western and Taoist knowledge. These teachings can be used as a companion to Healing Love.

Sexual Alchemy for Couples

Sexual Alchemy for Couples is a practical training guide for understanding the nature of arousal and the differences in male and female sexual response. You will learn how to understand the ‘orgasm’ as peak energy that can heal and strengthen all your senses, glands, organs, bones and brain. You will be shown practices that help to open both woman and man, as well as formulas that are healing remedies for couples.

Sexual Vitality

In Sexual Vitality you learn a set of exercises to keep your sexual organs strong and healthy. A strong reproductive system will hold up better against the stresses of gravity, tensions of life and the effects of the natural aging process. These Taoist practices teach you how to conserve and channel your sexual energy rather than lose it.