Basic Practices II

Basic Practices II

Activate the Stem Cells:
Stem Cell Qigong rebuilds and renews your red and white blood cells and creates new stem cells.

Elixer Qigong:
Rejuvenate your body and regenerate vital life force energy with this powerful Qi cultivation technique.

Tan Tien Qigong:
Cultivate and condense chi in the lower tan tien. Pack chi power in all 9 areas of the tan tien and the associated organs, kuas, tendons and ligaments using the Dragon and Tiger Breath and 11 animal exercise postures.

Iron Shirt Qigong I:
The strength and vitality of your internal organs are the real keys to the overall health of your body. In this practice of strengthening the internal organs, Master Chia guides you through certain standing postures, muscle locks, and breathing techniques, known as Iron Shirt Qigong.

Iron Shirt Qigong II:
Learn both individual and partner exercises to facilitate growth of strong and elastic tendons throughout the entire body.

Bone Marrow Nei Gong:

Tai Chi Qigong I:
Develop the inner structure and chi flow of Tai Chi. Meditation in movement, movement in meditation.

Tao Yin:
Relax your spine, psoas, and diaphragm, strengthen your tendons, and detoxify your body, with the 48 exercises practiced in Tao Yin.

Tai Chi Qigong II:
Learn how to receive, absorb, and discharge force (or pressure) into and through your body without incurring or causing injury with Tai Chi Qigong II.