Basic Practices I

Basic Practices I

Cosmic Inner Smile:
Cosmic Inner Smile is a simple yet powerful healing meditation for the mind and body.

Six Healing Sounds:
Open up communication with your organs, using healing sounds and intention.

Microcosmic Orbit:
Full detailed instructions on the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation including a complete Guided Meditation.

Qi (Chi) Self-Massage:
Increase your flexibility and circulation through self-massage and stretching techniques.

Activate the Stem Cells:
Stem Cell Qigong rebuilds and renews your red and white blood cells and creates new stem cells.

Elixer Qigong:
Rejuvenate your body and regenerate vital life force energy with this powerful Qi cultivation technique.

Tan Tien Qigong:
Cultivate and condense chi in the lower tan tien. Pack chi power in all 9 areas of the tan tien and the associated organs, kuas, tendons and ligaments using the Dragon and Tiger Breath and 11 animal exercise postures.